Pumping at work need-to-knows

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Going back to work when you're breastfeeding can be daunting, but Jess McCabe knows her stuff...

What happens at baby swimming class

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We’ve teamed up with Water Babies to bring you this guide to the things that will happen when you take your baby swimming...

Pregnancy loss: What not to say

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One anonymous writer reflects on the most uncomfortable things she heard when she experienced a miscarriage...

Expecting a girl?

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If you’ve just been for your 20-week scan and found out your baby is of the pink variety, you might be imagining a future full of ballet lessons and sparkly shoes. But hold your horses (and/or unicorns), says mum of four girls Catherine Ball, there are some things you need to know if you’re expecting one...

Expecting a boy?

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Mum of boys Rachel Tompkins on surviving the sausage fest...

The last times...

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We all know about the firsts, but what about the last time your baby does something? Rachel Tompkins on those surprisingly emotional anti-milestones...

How to amuse yourself on mat leave

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If mat leave fatigue is setting in, here are a few perk-you-ups courtesy of Samantha Dooey-Miles...

6 reasons why Scandi cool isn't all that

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If you're sick of hearing how being a parent is WAY better in Scandinavia, Cat Neilan has dug deep to find a few reasons why it's not that bad here after all, thanks.

Settling in at nursery

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Marie-Claire McGlade on preparing for the big day. There may be tears... and not just from your baby...

You know you're a mum when...

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It can take a while for it to truly dawn on you that you are actually someone's mum - but Samantha Dooey-Miles has picked out a few defining moments...

7 sneaky ways to get some time to yourself

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Finding child-free time is as important as it is difficult, though fortunately, we parents have super-human levels of resourcefulness and mastering “me time” is something we can all get quite good. Here’s how Elaine Farrell at Boss Like A Mum and the bubble babysitting app gets it done...

Date night: dream vs reality

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Samantha Dooey-Miles on what really happens when you finally get some quality time with the one you love (that's your partner, not your baby, FYI...)

Books for every milestone

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From potty training to a death in the family, there's a book for that - and Rachel Tompkins has read the lot...

Life with a double buggy

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Mum of three Rebecca Schischa on the perils of wielding a double buggy....

Random act of kindness: free nappies!

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We’re taking inspiration from a few every day mum heroes and vowing to do our bit to be kinder every day. Read on to find out how you can too – and don’t forget to claim your free nappies from an inspiring new company…  

Signs they've started school

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Kate Chapman, who has waved both her children off to school, has compiled a list of tell-tale signs that your little Prince or Princess has started school for the first time too……

Parenting when your family live far away

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When your family live in a whole different country, parenting can throw even more challenges your way, as Samantha Dooey-Miles knows well...

Royal pregnancy vs normal pregnancy

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Mush editor Isabel Mohan is pregnant at the same time as the Duchess of Cambridge AGAIN...

How to get through hyperemesis

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This one goes out to The Duchess of Cambridge (courtesy of fellow sufferer, the similarly regal Manisha Ferdinand)...

Things that feel impossible

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Rachel Tompkins on the gradual realisation that life will never be the same again...

What not to say to a sleep-deprived mum

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There's nothing worse than some of the well-meaning comments people make when you're knackered. Here's Rachel Tompkins with a rundown of the biggest stinkers...

Get paid to love Mush

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Everything you need to know about the Mush Mum Marketing Massive - and how you can apply...

7 ways with tinned tomatoes

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When your fridge is empty and your kids are squawking, you'll be glad to have Joanne Gould on hand...

Life skills my baby has taught me

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You might feel like your brain has turned to, well, mush, but Rachel Tompkins is here to tell you that your baby is teaching you some invaluable life skills...

5 surprising foods your kids might like

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If mealtimes are getting you down, you need a few pointers from Joanne Gould...

A mum friend's guide to tactical playdating

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Because sometimes, says Lyndsey Gilmour, it's not as simple as both being at a loose end at the same time...

The 7 stages of morning sickness

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Lyndsey Gilmour is now "glowing" enough to look back on the grimness of the first trimester...

Baby sleep: the rules of engagement

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It’s been months (years?) since you had an unbroken night’s sleep - and what with four, eight, 10 and 18 month sleep regression, teething, illnesses, and just plain wilfulness on your baby’s part, there’s a lot that can go wrong. These are the rules of engagement when it comes to dealing with your baby’s sleep, according to Cat Neilan...

The truth about choosing baby names

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Job, life-partner, home, schools: when it comes to big, important, grown-up decisions, these are the ones that spring to mind. But do you know what else should be in there? Name choosing, says (the fabulously named) Cherry Casey...

Newborn vs supermarket

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Your first trip to the supermarket with your newborn will feel like a feat of Everest proportions. But, in association with our friends at Tesco Baby Club, here’s some reassurance that how you’re feeling is totally normal…

6 excuses kids use not to go to bed

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Rachel Tompkins loooooves bedtime. When it finally happens...

5 ways to contain a newly crawling child

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Caroline Corcoran just took a break from retrieving her one year-old from across the room for the 36th time this morning to do some research...

Amazing breastfeeding facts

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Boobs were made for feeding babies, right? On paper it might sound like the most natural thing in the world. For some mums it’s easy, for others it’s not. But for all breastfeeding mums there are some very weird things that the books don’t prepare you for, as Rachel Tompkins explores…

6 things it’s OK to do with mum friends

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Rebecca Gamble on the things you can get away with because your mum mates just get it...

The Weirdness Of Baby Groups

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Are you an adult woman singing Old McDonald and wondering why no-one else finds this odd? Caroline Corcoran has your back...

Why I won’t be ‘announcing’ this time

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Lyndsey Gilmour on why she won't be shouting about her pregnancy - apart from, like, in this piece, anyway...

Planning a picnic with mum mates

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Tis the season to dine al fresco – but when there are kids involved, there are a lot of things to remember. With a bit of help from our friends at Tesco Baby Club, here are a few pointers…

9 things that make you say "uh-oh"

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... or, indeed, far stronger words that you then feel really guilty about uttering in front of a child. By Manisha Ferdinand.

6 signs you're ready for another baby

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Samantha Dooey-Miles on the gradual realisation that two would be quite nice, actually...

Child-free holidays: the reality

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Joanne Gould on what happens when you actually - shock - go on a cheeky little holiday unencumbered by little people...

Why making mum friends is like dating

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DISCLAIMER: Caroline Corcoran would like to make it clear that she has never once snogged a new mum friend at a bus stop...

How to go camping with little people

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Fear not, Rachel Tompkins is on hand with some failsafe tips to ensure you survive under the canvas with your baby and/or toddler...

10 things that terrify new mums

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We all know that being a mum is totally amazing, but totally bloody terrifying in equal measure. Rachel Tompkins looks at the ten things that terrify new mums…

The Second Baby Chronicles with Robyn Wilder: Intolerable things

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Robyn Wilder's having another baby! And she's writing about her pregnancy for Mush every couple of weeks. Here's the seventh instalment, in which, according to our friends at Babycentre, her unborn child is roughly the size of a pineapple. Ouch.

Motherhood: Celebs vs you and your mates

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Something looks different here. Oh wait! It’s the fact that their white wall is still white says Caroline Corcoran (who is currently removing lentil dahl from her kitchen tiles)…

The ‘isn’t it ironic’ guide to motherhood

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Never mind ‘ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife’, being a mum is all about those ‘ironic’, a.k.a. desperate, situations when nothing seems to be running smoothly, says Rachel Tompkins…

9 Lessons From The First Year of Motherhood

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As she gears up to her little boy’s first birthday, Caroline Corcoran shares her mum wisdom (then falls about laughing at the idea that she has mum wisdom)…

Going back to work: reasons to be cheerful

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Of course you’ll feel sad when maternity leave is over. But Cat Neilan’s here to remind you that there are a few perks too…

6 ways being a mum is like being a secret agent

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The name's Ferdinand. Manisha Ferdinand...

A letter to the friends I've lost...

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Rachel Tompkins wants to say sorry to the mates she's neglected while getting to grips with being a mum of two...

The Second Baby Chronicles with Robyn Wilder: Third trimester adventures

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Robyn Wilder's having another baby! And she's writing about her pregnancy for Mush every couple of weeks. Here's the sixth instalment, in which, according to our friends at Babycentre, her unborn child is roughly the size of an aubergine. No sniggering at the back, emoji abusers...

7 reasons why having a "summer baby" isn't always as fun as it sounds

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Though Caroline Corcoran - whose son and her both have July birthdays - will accept that a lifetime of beer garden birthdays is a fine gift for a mother to give to her child...

What dads really want for Father's Day... and what they actually get

D3fe69e0 574c 4cbe 875f 168c2dfb744b

Dad of two Michael Hogan is all good for hilarious toilet books - here's what he'd really like this Father's Day...

7 things you do differently with baby number two

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Second babies are a breeze, right? Right? Rebecca Gamble weighs up the differences...

Stuff you use during pregnancy that you can turn into something useful after

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Walk away from eBay, says Caroline Corcoran, you’re going to need that stuff again, sooner than you think...

10 white lies it's OK to tell your child

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We teach our kids that honesty is the best policy - but when it comes to parenting we all know that there are a few little white lies that we really couldn’t survive without. Here, Rachel Tompkins, runs through the best…

5 things you never bargained for when you got pregnant

5ee67694 cf12 4199 b93a 07a34598864e

We all know about stretch marks, sickness, cravings and cramps, but there are some much more unlikely surprises in store when you get pregnant. Here, Rachel Tompkins gives us the rundown of what you really should prepare yourself for when you’re expecting…

The Mush guide to the general election

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Cat Neilan on what the main parties are promising for families...

Breastfeeding: celebs vs you and your mates

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Yay to celebs for normalising breastfeeding, says Caroline Corcoran. But boo to the massive, giant disconnect between their pretty reality and the real world one, where the postman just got a flash of chafed nipple...

Baby-proofing fails I've made so you don't have to

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When your baby gets mobile, nothing is safe (including your mobile) - as Caroline Davies has learned the hard way...

The many stages of the night feed

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Gemma Fraser takes time out from her hectic schedule of feeding a newborn 24/7 to bring you this guide to the many stages of the night feed...

5 reasons to try baby-led weaning 

D34ea532 6d35 4031 a190 603857087054

If you're a busy mum (is there any other kind?), baby-led weaning is the easiest option. With help from baby food legend Annabel Karmel, we're here to tell you why - and give you three delicious recipes that the whole family can scoff...

The rules of your first post-baby night out

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Tiny bags with no nappies in and wine-breath at the Moses basket. Caroline Corcoran gets you prepped...

The Second Baby Chronicles with Robyn Wilder: 5 surefire ways to prepare your toddler for their new sibling

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Robyn Wilder's having another baby! And she's writing about her pregnancy for Mush every couple of weeks. Here's the fifth instalment, in which, according to our friends at Babycentre, her unborn child is roughly the size of a swede. The vegetable, that is, not a hot 6'2" Scandi dude called Lars. Phew.

Guilt free TV - the kids programmes that teach them something

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We all know that motherhood comes with mountains of guilt, so thanks to Rachel Tompkins we can now admonish ourselves of a tiny part of it…

How to get your toddler dressed without a tantrum 

813e8e5d 19f2 499f 91fb d65ba45bb4ac

Toddlers have a lethal combination of strong limbs and strong opinions - which is why getting them dressed can be a challenge. But, with some help from our friends at JoJo Maman Bébé, we have some tips - and a cheeky shopping discount!

Ten things people say about your child - and what they actually mean

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After a year of motherhood, Manisha Ferdinand is fluent in backhanded compliments in the direction of her child...

The 10 obligatory kid spam pictures of social media

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Bored? A scan of Instagram and an in-your-head game of bingo with this lot could work, says Caroline Corcoran...

Groundhog mat leave: Conversations you have every day on the mum circuit

C1fde3a0 2e18 4ec2 bc8f 6a08d23364ae

Caroline Corcoran would like you to know that she used to be an interesting person who did not chat about her washing...

6 TV shows that remind you of your toddler

90776400 7ec2 4765 a40b 78ea7b5ed1b3

Rebecca Gamble has spotted a few alarming coincidences...

5 reasons mum guilt can bag it

F0ce2319 9b33 4c4f 9764 af560e919faf

Manisha Ferdinand on why we should all stop feeling so flipping guilty...

The Second Baby Chronicles with Robyn Wilder: Five ways to deal with pregnancy fatigue when you have a toddler

381f9ad5 03ce 4b57 b411 0137224f9e8c

Robyn Wilder's having another baby! And she's writing about her pregnancy for Mush every couple of weeks. Here's the fourth instalment, in which, according to our friends at Babycentre, her unborn child is roughly the size of a big juicy mango. And unfortunately that means Robyn is feeling the strain... 

Tell-tale signs you’re trapped in a baby bubble

05077cb8 5028 47a5 a39f 547508eb2a84

Rachel Tompkins on the tell-tale signs that a little person has recently taken over your life...

Looking out for your mum mates: what to do if you’re worried about a friend’s mental health

4dc212b7 457a 442f 98de 613702ef3ea6

To mark Maternal Mental Health week, we've teamed up with NCT to bring you advice on what to do if you're worried a mum mate might be going through more than just the baby blues...

Weaning: an emotional rollercoaster

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Food is nice. Why wouldn't babies enjoy it? Yep, that's exactly what Isabel Mohan used to think...

How to survive on mat leave money

535bd0b4 376d 49e8 a4a0 713569553531

Cat Neilan has a few tips on how to survive when you’re earning zero pounds a month…

The best and worst presents to buy other people's kids

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You never know quite what’s lurking under that colourful wrapping paper until it’s being held in the hands of a very excited child.  Rachel Tompkins looks at the birthday present sinners and winners for little ones of all ages...

How I learned to stop worrying and love my baby

393fdfae 17ec 424b b8b9 6ed360bb04d9

Now 10 months into motherhood, Cat Neilan writes a letter to her wide-eyed and worried new mum self...

The Second Baby Chronicles with Robyn Wilder: I'm having a high-risk pregnancy and I'm OK

0c5c175a cca4 4568 8d8f bd8511d662f7

Robyn Wilder's having another baby! And she's writing about her pregnancy for Mush every couple of weeks. Here's the third instalment, in which, according to our friends at Babycentre, her unborn child is roughly the size of a carrot...

6 signs you're sleep-deprived

6a5ba0dc 6930 4cf0 bd6c 83426b9493f3

There’s always a lucky few who escape the tiredness curse, but if you’re not one of them, then you’ll relate to Rachel Tompkins’ round-up of the six signs that you’re sleep-deprived...

The desserts every mum needs

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We take no responsibility for anyone who licks their phone while reading Manisha Ferdinand's guide to the must-eat puddings for mums...

The rules of what not to say in the new mums group chat

Cae5dad5 9bc2 4e27 a854 432828663aba

Whether you met them at buggy fit, antenatal classes or - yay - on Mush, there are some key rules when you’re posting says Caroline Corcoran...

How to survive a trip to the zoo with small kids

5d5233cd 8fb4 4fe0 b4dc e7dac06f68ca

Just so you know, by "survive" Rachel Tompkins doesn't mean "how not to get eaten by a lion", more "how to get through with your sanity in tact".

How to get through weekends as a single mum

9de6bf1b 4887 4084 aac0 844befa9259e

There are lots of reasons why motherhood can sometimes be lonely, but Gemma Fraser has great advice for when circumstances are especially tough...

Childbirth in TV and film: ranked for realism

777713e0 2f8b 4959 8055 ab415126824c

Caroline Corcoran overcame some fairly recent maternity ward-based memories to rank these TV and film births in order of least to most realistic...

How to actually talk to your mum mate on a play date

814a001b 2b62 43bf 859d d99b9c22e5c0

With newborns it’s relatively easy to talk to your mum friends, because if they’re not asleep they’re usually feeding. When they get bigger, though it’s a whole different ball game. Rachel Tompkins reveals the secrets of actually being able to talk to your mum mate on a play date…

The Second Baby Chronicles with Robyn Wilder: Ways my second pregnancy is different from my first

1d312e25 d140 4aed 8baf 8ce0ed231b48

Robyn Wilder's having another baby! And she's writing about her pregnancy for Mush every couple of weeks. Here's the second instalment, in which, according to our friends at Babycentre, her unborn child is roughly the size of a bell pepper. So, how is pregnancy different second time round? Apart from having a toddler balancing on her bump...

8 things you absolutely must know now you are pregnant

5bbd8949 bbd3 44e1 b7ef 22f66b249ffe

You are going to need to know these....

How to pack for a family holiday like a total pro

Aa3127ba 6864 4f6d ba3a ff0f1acc1fed

Planning a relaxing (said no mum ever) break away with the kids? Here's Rachel Tompkins' advice on what to take and how to pack it...

7 clichés new mums always hear (that turn out to be true)

62e27332 e054 4e61 a480 5041bba340d3

All that annoying stuff that well-meaning people spout at you throughout the early weeks (months... years...)? Lyndsey Gilmour's learned the hard way that a lot of it is actually true...

How to leave your little one with a babysitter without freaking out

4bb901ad db13 40c9 8bd4 ae43be80e347

There comes a time in every new mum’s life where you poke your head out of the fog of endless feeding, lack of sleep, and constant nappy changes, and start to remember that you used to be a non-mum person and do non-mum things. But how? Here's Elaine Farrell with some tips...

The A to Zzzzzzz of baby sleep

842b9aa4 1972 4384 a5bc ab3e9bfcf5be

If you're so sleep-deprived that you can no longer remember the alphabet, please allow Cat Neilan to help.

How to avoid flexi-working guilt

C4ffb2ce 6ee8 48b6 89fe 9b8733dba0b7

Samantha Dooey-Miles doesn't work Fridays, you know...

Ways I tried and failed to be a cool mum

06a2ebb9 8285 4445 a9fd 40a8ea3e9164

When Samantha Dooey-Miles had her daughter, she vowed she wouldn't be like all the other mums. But her plan backfired...

Last minute party food ideas for your baby's first birthday

8a467925 bc78 4903 b4c0 3e56e3996500

With some help from our friends at Ocado, we've got your baby's big day sorted...

5 things to do that will make the first 6 weeks easier

37179b1f 0379 43a3 b8cd 6ffe24fc3e2f

How to get through the craziest time in your life, with help from our friends at Ocado...

Mum lessons you’ll relate to if you’ve been through fertility problems

Ee857aaa f4dc 4b49 97b0 ff2c08f6a3f4

Caroline Corcoran might finally be out the other side now with a perfect baby boy, but the things she learned during her long battle to get pregnant will stay with her forever... 

10 things to watch on Netflix that are short enough to get in during a feed

D17f242b df46 4e87 86d2 897fd5b71ba5

And also, says Caroline Corcoran, basic enough that you can understand the plot if you’ve had four hours sleep...

The Second Baby Chronicles with Robyn Wilder: The five stages of wanting a second baby

6e80cb69 6f97 43be 9a9f 95a066d061d1

Robyn Wilder's having another baby! And she'll be writing about her pregnancy for us every couple of weeks. Here's the first instalment, in which, according to our friends at Babycentre, her unborn child is roughly the size of a lemon. So, how did she get here? Mentally, that is - we're pretty sure we understand the physical bit...

The dos and don'ts of dealing with the real world

8feed5e6 8d8b 4d79 9e6a ffa9a856560d

You might be returning to the world of work for the first time in a few months, or even just venturing out without your miniature ball and chain. Either way, there is a certain etiquette to the “real” world that you might have forgotten. Cat Neilan reminds us all how to behave…

A message from Mush...

Df8b23ab f888 414a 8fba d4cac5c36d69

It's the one you've been waiting for...

Mother's Day expectations Vs reality

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For years you’ve taken your mum out for lunch on Mother’s Day, indulged her with pretty blooms and posh chocolates. But now you’ve had a baby the boot’s on the other foot and the day is officially about you. So will it live up to expectation? By Rachel Tompkins

10 truly awesome mum figures in books

Fb37434e ba55 439a ae85 857db79c7f5b

There are worse ways to spend Mother’s Day than reading one of these with a gin in the bath, says Caroline Corcoran.

5 Mother’s Day gifts we really, really wish were available in the shops

3856c91f 27f0 4c9a a17a 962c743c9fb1

Jo E Verrill on the gifts that money literally can't buy. Maybe one day eh?

5 last minute Mother’s Day ideas to drop subtle hints about

701eb424 48ff 439f aa22 4f59acebbd11

There's no harm in making the present-bestower aware of your deepest desires, with a bit of help from our friends at Ocado...

Mother's Day competition: Win a baby bath full of goodies for a mum mate who deserves a treat

1620ec8e e98a 4688 b8fc 3aa229e8ef99

We've got a Shnuggle baby bath full of goodies, including books, pampering products and sweets (obvs), to give away to one lucky mum

Recipes to batch-cook and bung in the freezer before you pop

279ab36f 6378 44cd b80b 0d3d7ffc6dfd

The countdown is on. You've cooked up a baby, and now, with a bit of help from our friends at Ocado, it's time to cook up some freezer-friendly meals to make you feel a bit more prepared for those early weeks of mayhem...

Our fantasy mum mate gang

384dc0e8 aa49 4fe8 bf61 f8c158cafdc3

Think of the mad nights out* we’d have with this lot, says Caroline Corcoran (*2pm walks around the park with the sling on)

Skills you can transfer from boss to baby - and back

95cd8565 0e37 4f35 94d2 b545577d79c6

As a TV reporter turned mum turned life coach, Lucy Griffiths knows a thing or two about transferable skills (and puking in war zones)...

How to eat out with a baby without making everyone hate you

D544d2df 1f4b 4316 845d bc6872601800

Babies are wonderful for many things, but they’re not always the best dinner dates. Sure, they look cute, but their table manners leave a lot to be desired and they almost never offer to split the bill. But Isabel Mohan has been there, done that, and got the spaghetti-stained t-shirt…

Key advice for your new mum wardrobe

4a5d48ca 8ba4 4000 ab57 11db0d2e4802

Samantha Dooey-Miles was once voted the best-dressed woman in her office. She doesn't mention if she was working from home at the time, but we decided to give her the benefit of the doubt and let her share some of her new mum fashion insight anyway...

I love my kid but…

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Manisha Ferdinand shows why not loving every tiny bit of motherhood doesn’t mean you don’t love every tiny bit of your kid.

How to survive going swimming with a small person (or two...)

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If the thought of taking your baby swimming for the first time fills you with fear, Rachel Tompkins is on hand with some swim survival tips…

Ask an expert: How to take half-decent photos of your kids

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To us it feel like kids go through a photogenic phase at around six months. Before that, they look a bit like aliens and after that, they just won’t stay still. But photographer Olivia Shaw has a few tips on getting snaps worthy of the Boden catalogue (or at least Granny’s mantelpiece…).

Five headlines every mum would like to wake up to tomorrow

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We're living in an era of "fake news". But never mind the politics, Jo E Verrill just wants to see headlines that would make life easier for mums...

Polite responses to impolite questions about giving birth

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When you procreate, your body somehow becomes public property. Here's Samantha Dooey-Miles on how best to dodge those probing questions...

Why the way you feed your baby should never come between mum mates

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Formula fan? Breast is best-er? That's great, says mum of two Maria Lally, just don't let it affect your new mum friendships…  

How to have sex when the kids are around

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Let’s get it on…. a Peppa compilation, that is, and then we might be able to get round to the other thing, thanks to these tips from Gemma Fraser…

Babies vs Dogs: Which is most annoying?

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Babies and dogs have a lot in common (poor toilet habits, drooly mouths, overwhelming cuteness and sense of unconditional love), so, after three kids, Becky Dickinson thought a puppy would be child’s play. And then she actually got one…

7 alternative baby milestones that will freak you right out

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Manisha Ferdinand on the alternative moments in your baby’s life – for which there are no cute, Instagram-ready cards – that will freak you out good and proper

6 activities to do with your new mum friends in the first 6 weeks

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It's a scary, scary world out there when you've just had a baby. But, with some help from our friends at NCT, Isabel Mohan has come up with a list of activities to get you out of the house. You might even enjoy yourself...

The 10 things they really ought to teach you when you're pregnant

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Here's Reena Reeves with an alternative antenatal class. You can pay her later.

5 situations where you don’t need to apologise for your child

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Heidi Scrimgeour says she won’t apologise for the existence of her children anymore and nor should you. Here’s why…

5 top secret reasons for having children

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If you've had one of those days/weeks/years, Gemma Fraser is here to enlighten you on the hidden perks of parenting...

10 things Beyoncé and Jay-Z need to know about having twins

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Hey Beyoncé! You're reading this, right? Ed Power, father of twins, has got some words of wisdom for you. May also benefit other parents of multiples, so if you're Northamptonshire's answer to Beyoncé, read on...

Everything you need to know about sleep self-help books when you're too tired to read one

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Shush-pat? Co-sleeping? Crying it out? Jo E Verrill has read all the books so you don't have to...

A love affair with Pointless: Why daytime TV is totally enriching your mind, honest

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Baby brain? Pah! Manisha Ferdinand became a mum AND a genius in the space of a few months, all thanks to one show that's on at the exact time of day when you're desperately craving some adult company and brain stimulation

The pros and cons of tiny age gaps

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If you're mulling over when to have baby number two... or three... or four... you might want to pay attention to the wisdom of Gillian Harvey, mother of five. Yes, five. FIVE. Five! Five!!!

How to cope with an early riser

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There's early and then there's so early that CBeebies hasn't even started yet. Lizzie Catt has a few tried and tested (just not very rested) survival techniques...

Warning: Your toddler will say some seriously embarrassing things...

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There’s nothing nicer than when your beloved offspring starts stringing sentences together. Those simple three word constructions can make you feel prouder than if they’d just completed a thesis on quantum physics. But Gemma Fraser knows that things can soon take a dark turn...

7 ways you can use the new Mush Hub

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New feature alert! Being a Mush mum just got even more social - here's how to make the most of our new Hub.

When kids blow chunks in the night: the five stages of acceptance

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When your toddler is sick in the middle of the night, it's the beginning of an emotional journey. And also a physical journey, to a cot full of puke. Jo Verrill has been there and got the vomit-soaked t-shirt...

The 10 commandments of parenting that you'll break in the first year

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Not the parent you thought you'd be? Nor is Reena Reeves, but she's here to reassure you that it doesn't matter a bit...

How to get a run in when you have small children

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Before she had kids, Nicky Hawkins ran every day. Now she's just run ragged, but she's found some solutions...

7 completely free activities to do with small children when you're skint but desperate to get out of the house

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When you've absolutely got to leave the house because everyone's going nuts, it's time to get creative... or just steal Becky Dickinson's ideas

How to handle the class bear coming to stay

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When your little one starts nursery, it’s only a matter of time before you receive an unexpected weekend guest (oh, and chicken pox). Gemma Fraser has been there…

Your baby's bedtime routine: dream vs reality

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If you’ve never had an evening like this, you’re officially winning. For everyone else, here’s some reassurance from Isabel Mohan

A love letter to post-birth comfort TV

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Caroline Corcoran normally loves the new must-watch show and a Netflix buzz. Post-birth? She had different criteria...

The guide to smug parenting

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You know the ones; the parents on social media who appear to have showered recently, with well-turned out children, a house that wouldn’t look out of place in a Nordic catalogue, who travel without breaking a sweat. THAT family. Susie Verrill shares a few ways you can make things easier for yourself and rock the smug parenting vibe; (not EVERY day though or people will start unfollowing you on Facebook)

How to fend off unwanted parenting advice without offending anyone (because, ugh, shut up, lady at the bus stop)

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There is something about pregnancy and parenting that unleashes a torrent of unsolicited advice from all around, says Lizzie Catt. For me, it started at the chemist, long before I’d even managed to get knocked up. Planning to come off the pill soon, I decided to pick up some folic acid along with the painkillers I needed for a wretched hangover. ‘You can’t have ibuprofen!’ scolded the shop assistant crossly, ogling the contents of my basket and pointing in outrage at my (wine-filled) stomach. ‘It’s bad for Baby!’

The ultimate toddler toolkit to defuse their bad mood

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Lizzie Catt tells us how to defuse your pre-schooler in five easy steps

Five reasons your toddler is being vile

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Amy Ransom gives some possible explanations to why your toddler is screaming in your face. Disclaimer: sometimes there is no reason.

8 things you no longer have time for when you become a mum

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It might take you 47 minutes, rather than seconds, to leave the house these days and you might sometimes feel like a frumpy, frazzled mess, but we have good news: now that you’re a mum, you’re the most efficient you’ve ever been. Having kids forces you to focus on the things that really matter: you are now the no-frills, best value, most effective version of yourself. But sadly this means there are a few old habits that are now surplus to requirements…By Isabel Mohan

Then vs Now: How the world changes when you’re wearing mum goggles

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Cat Neilan cringes at the stuff she used to say before she had a baby...

How to wean your baby without going insane

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It's time to wean. Woohoo! Something else to try and fit into the day. The idea of weaning can be overwhelming but Amy Ransom tells you how can make it easier with some of these tips

5 things mums shouldn't feel guilty about

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The moment you give birth this new emotion attempts to take over your body, at every opportunity. Amy Ransom gives us 5 things to ditch the guilt about.

Nanny, nursery or childminder? Adventures in choosing childcare

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Whether you want to keep your precious firstborn nestled to your bosom forever or you can't wait to get the hell back to work, choosing childcare is HARD. Isabel Mohan explores all the options…

Six genuinely useful tips for flying long-haul with a baby

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Caroline Corcoran just got back from Miami with a five-month old and survived. She brings news from the other side

Lessons learned from famous mums of 2016

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Who has earned the slightly creepy status of "imaginary mum friend" this year? For Isabel Mohan, it's this lot...

The five types of mum friends you need in your life

9fc3a17e 5c45 4396 8f71 9d7ad6974dcb Half a day A2bacb79 d095 4672 88a7 bfa7e90237b0

Don't mock these women (well, only a little bit) - they exist for a reason, and you need them to get through this. Plus, guess what, like Isabel Mohan you're probably one of them…

How to win at imms: get prepared for jab day

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Top tips for getting through baby’s first set of jabs by Lizzie Catt

How to take the train alone with a baby/ toddler and survive

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Having a small child is actually a really brilliant time to see the area around you and go on adventures. And a train is exciting as it gets for them, So don't be shy; Susie Verrill gives some tips on travelling.

Five useful things you can do on your phone when you’re trapped on the sofa feeding

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Caroline Corcoran talks about stuff you can do on your phone, which don't include refreshing Facebook 16 times or sending more messages to the NCT girls about your vagina. 

How to have a social life and not make all your old friends hate you when you've just had a baby

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It's hard to keep on top of your social life when your most high-maintenance little friend of all is consuming your mind, body and bank balance. But Isabel Mohan says you should try to make time for your mates, or you might regret it...

The 5 things every new mum worries about – and why you shouldn’t

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Babies are scary. But Isabel Mohan is here to hold your hand through those early anxieties...

How to survive the mother in law

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She’s both incredibly helpful and a complete pain in the backside. Navigating the mother/daughter-in-law relationship after there’s a grandchild involved requires diplomatic skills geopolitical giants only dream of, writes Catherine Neilan.

10 ways your baby can get you out of absolutely anything this Christmas

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Christmas is a time for celebration, relaxation and... obligation. So. Much. Obligation. But Isabel Mohan has come up with a few handy baby-related excuses for when you simply can't be arsed...

The ups and downs of being pregnant at Christmas

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Morning sickness and sprouts are not best friends, but being pregnant at Christmas has its positives too, says Isabel Mohan

Five ways the Christmas build-up is waaay different when you have a baby

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First festive season as a parent? Caroline Corcoran is with you

The best things to buy a tiny baby who has no clue it's Christmas

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Don’t tell the grandparents who’ve just spent £300 at Toys R Us but most of it: total waste of cash, says Caroline Corcoran

Become a nap time super mama

Ed557e1b 4051 4ffe 9277 ea9ddf87f1d7 Hacks & How to 916e7621 d7f1 4974 ade1 b9ff6be2140d

Nap time is the one snippet of the day (or two, if you’re really lucky) where you’re just you. You’re not mum, you’re not at someone’s beck and call, you’re just a one woman team looking to get stuff done. Or not, as it sometimes happens. Susie Verrill gives us ways you can spend that glorious hour or so; ranging from the studious, to the active, to the lazy.

Perfect pressies for your pregnant pal who’s about to pop

Ed557e1b 4051 4ffe 9277 ea9ddf87f1d7 Half a day Ecc1c6a8 3ea0 4f35 a26a 734a8e127717

Your gorgeous friend currently feels like a whale. She’s tired, she’s bored and she no longer remembers what her toes look like. You’ve been there and you’ve come out the other side, reunited with your toes and now more tired than your naïve pregnant self could ever have imagined (but we won’t tell her that). You’re also, crucially, armed with new knowledge about the things that make those early days of motherhood a whole lot easier. Whether you’re throwing a baby shower for her before she pops or you just want to give her a nice treat, here are a few ideas, says Isabel Mohan.

What your newborn really needs in their wardrobe

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One of the most fun and exciting things about pregnancy is getting all the insanely cute and tiny clothes ready for your little one. Isabel Mohan explains how not to accidentally buy enough stuff to clothe octuplets...

What nobody tells you about breastfeeding with big boobs

Ed557e1b 4051 4ffe 9277 ea9ddf87f1d7 Babies B1cb4b26 a471 4b41 a028 7cb41fd0f400

Everybody needs a bosom for a pillow, but what happens if yours is more like a king-size bed? By Isabel Mohan

How to make playdough... and other craft hacks

30c8361c 0ecd 4137 bbee cd5823d5b9fe Crafts & Games Dbbe9ab0 beaa 4897 80b4 9dc9d6475193

Hands up if your little one has a serious playdough habit. And hands up who is fed up of buying endless tubs after they Mix. Up. The. Colours. (Just us?) Louisa Pritchard has put together a shopping list for homemade playdough - and other craft hacks - that will save you money and keep your kids entertained. Result.

Winter with a baby: dream vs reality

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year… apart from the fact that it’s flipping freezing. Your warm and fuzzy visions of your first winter with your little one are melting faster than a snowman in a built-up area...

How to make food your kid might actually eat

Ed557e1b 4051 4ffe 9277 ea9ddf87f1d7 Half a day E2a2bac6 9d25 4d9d 8150 e4e48c8510a5

Feeding your kids. Getting them to actually eat it. This is the is one of the things that lots of us parents struggle with, says Amy Ransom. Fret not and read on.

Easy ways to prepare your toddler for the new baby

Ed557e1b 4051 4ffe 9277 ea9ddf87f1d7 Full day 30290b02 bdaf 4c4c 9737 427d91662dcc

Help your little one become an awesome older sibling with these simple ideas by Gill Siddle

How to style out a sickness bug with kids…

Ed557e1b 4051 4ffe 9277 ea9ddf87f1d7 Hacks & How to 11877e97 c0e0 4053 9c04 6e67cd42dbc6

Katie Bryson lives through the family sickness epidemic. Her advice? Batten down the hatches and get into survival mode

How to keep your sanity

Ed557e1b 4051 4ffe 9277 ea9ddf87f1d7 Hacks & How to Fcf40ce6 a3de 4397 b91a 3b0451df5732

A how-to that focusses on the mind rather than your actions. Revolutionary helpful stuff from Amy Ransom

How to survive colic: a parent’s guide

Ed557e1b 4051 4ffe 9277 ea9ddf87f1d7 Full day 562087d8 07eb 45b8 b006 b596ff8bb9ab

Having a baby with colic is no fun at all. Living with colic is less fun than going to the dentist for multiple root canal surgeries, dropping your phone down the loo and being forced to relive your emergency C-section for the entertainment of your in-laws. Rebecca Cox gives the low down on staying sane...

Hacks to find the perfect holiday (that you and the kids will enjoy)

Ed557e1b 4051 4ffe 9277 ea9ddf87f1d7 Kids 2421d911 4905 449c bb55 b5e11d6f6931

It no easy feat trying to sellotape together a holiday itinerary that both you, your husband and your kids will enjoy, says Cat Sims. With holidays costing the same as small houses in Hull these days, there’s a real pressure to get it right.

4 household appliances that will totally win back your nights

Ed557e1b 4051 4ffe 9277 ea9ddf87f1d7 Hacks & How to F680c918 25f6 49de a0e9 399aa883a451

Babies are born with an instinctive ability to ruin your evenings, says Cat Neilan. But with these household appliances, you have a chance to win them back.

Our Parents Had It Spot On: Realising they were right

9fc3a17e 5c45 4396 8f71 9d7ad6974dcb Full day 9ea08bc5 e6e4 41a6 84db 848dafcf2b0e

Susie Verrill explains how you understand your parents behaviour more than ever since having a baby...

5 reasons we wish we were a Scandinavian baby

Half a day 65162f56 739a 49f3 aa80 3db035adfd20

It’s not often we long to be a ruddy-cheeked six month old called Lars, but when we come to think of it, Scandi babies have a pretty good deal. Let’s look at the evidence, says Isabel Mohan…

Six kids’ toys that are secretly for grown-ups

Bdb57344 35fc 4ee6 bb29 8fdccf6189d2

Lizzie Catt shows that there are perks to being in charge of your toddler’s Amazon wishlist…

5 things you never thought you'd do pre-baby

9fc3a17e 5c45 4396 8f71 9d7ad6974dcb You 7bd1f420 bd58 4b41 bd9f 47bfa392b7b6

They don't say "It's a game changer" for nothing! Sarah Cawood gives the lowdown on the 5 things you really don't expect to become

What to expect when a newborn invades your home

Ed557e1b 4051 4ffe 9277 ea9ddf87f1d7 Half a day B965821e 51a1 4f0f 8b4c 78ea8bdd7840

An Englishwoman’s home is her castle. But it’s one that is vulnerable to attack from the smallest of beings. If you’re wondering what to expect when your home has been invaded by a newborn, it’s time to think less baby-proofing and more baby all-conquering, says Cat Neilan...

How to jazz up date night (without leaving the house)

Ed557e1b 4051 4ffe 9277 ea9ddf87f1d7 You Bec841bd 54b4 4986 a3c3 fa02c734f3b9

Can we keep the romance alive in the early years of children? Cat Sims gives us a solution.

4 reasons your baby might have dry skin - and what to do about it

Ed557e1b 4051 4ffe 9277 ea9ddf87f1d7 Babies 4b1b45d8 23f2 430f aa45 cfc62c5b0603

When you first have a baby, you’ll spend hours frantically Googling anything they do which seems remotely out of the ordinary. Every new mum’s search history is a bizarre buffet of terms like “what does newborn poo look like”, “how much sleep three week old”, “baby keeps hiccupping”. And one of the biggest worries can be around their skin – after all, you spend pretty much every second of the day staring at your baby, so the slightest change leaps out at you and has you fearing the worst.

How to find little pockets of joy on those seriously painful days

Ed557e1b 4051 4ffe 9277 ea9ddf87f1d7 Kids 8fc386c0 84fb 4c22 bff8 b837ebf1dada

We ALL have them. THOSE days. The days when, very early on, it occurs to you that today may not be your day and stuff is just not going to go your way. Sarah Cawood gives us some tips on how to turn it round.

The things beginning with B that you only share with your mum friends (there's not time for TMI when you've had a baby)

9fc3a17e 5c45 4396 8f71 9d7ad6974dcb Full day 0440acd4 a0fc 453c 9bd6 e20153dd4397

When you have a baby, it’s time to assemble a gang of mum mates, says Lizzie Catt. The women you meet at antenatal classes, baby weighing clinics, playgrounds, and, of course, on Mush, are your lifeline through maternity leave and beyond. It’s likely that you’ll have seen their boobs and know their top tips for perineal massage before you’ve found out their surname or what they do for a living. There may be no friends like old friends, but when you’re awash with hormones, drenched in breastmilk and fretting at 3am, every mum needs a pal or two who’d NEVER squeal, ‘TMI!’

Ways being a mum makes you actually really, really cool

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Ah, the good ol’ identity crisis eh? Having a baby and then suddenly feeling like you’ve no place in society and all the stuff you used to really enjoy has fallen by the wayside. Well I’m not down with that, heck no. Us millennial mums have got ample proof we’re cool AF (that’s modern day slang for rude things guyz) and I’m here to shout about it (says Susie Verrill)

5 ingredients, 5 minutes: delicious slow cooker meals

Ed557e1b 4051 4ffe 9277 ea9ddf87f1d7 30 mins or less Fdf15793 6c92 4e14 9739 1c70fdb0720a

Rebecca Cox tells us about 5 easy dinners that you can prepare in your baby's morning nap and eat whenever they decide to go to bed

From dinner to bedtime: how to wear your toddler out

D6640b49 e8b1 44b7 a2bf 8f9e5a983814

Susie Verrill navigates us from dinner to bedtime with a toddler who is permanently threatening a late bed time....

10 Gadgets Parents Could Totally Do With

9fc3a17e 5c45 4396 8f71 9d7ad6974dcb Sass & Survival Da864b13 1230 4a03 b765 86c8a285edf7

Susie Verrill brings us the list of gadgets every parent would invent (if we had a minute’s peace to do so) (or the cash or the know how)

Top 5 non-alcoholic drinks to get you through the 9 months (or more) of being teetotal

9fc3a17e 5c45 4396 8f71 9d7ad6974dcb You 3cf98745 af22 46f0 a092 51dedc8dd4ab

Some tried and tested non-alcoholic drink ideas brought to you by Gill Siddle

How soft play doesn't need to be hell

Ed557e1b 4051 4ffe 9277 ea9ddf87f1d7 Hacks & How to C466d1d2 47bc 4eb2 aadb 6bb0e622f0c5

Susie Verrill admits that soft play isn't the most awesome thing since sliced bread, but there's lots of ways to make the most of it...

Stuff you'll want to steal from the baby to use for yourself

Ed557e1b 4051 4ffe 9277 ea9ddf87f1d7 Babies 08beed84 ce4a 4262 be60 d524bda46a87

When you’ve recently become a mum, personal grooming and pampering goes out of the window, says Isabel Mohan. You’re so busy trying to make sure that your baby is fed, cleaned, rested, cuddled and styled that you’re totally oblivious to the fact that you’re walking around looking like a resident of the Furchester Hotel (if you don’t know what that is, you soon will, mark our words).

How to potty train when your toddler really really likes nappies

Ed557e1b 4051 4ffe 9277 ea9ddf87f1d7 Hacks & How to C9886b12 1f4b 4a88 b643 b84f95efa714

It’s the time many of us mums dread - potty training. Cue endless accidents, lots of bribery… and toddlers crying because they really really like their nappies. Louisa Pritchard gives us five top tips for training even the most reluctant toddler. (We can’t guarantee there won’t be tears though. Sorry.)

Breaks with a baby or toddler: tips and tricks

8f097a60 b3f6 4c0b a384 83c3f5030fb4 Outings & Jaunts 5f51e0a7 4be1 409e 8640 0b43fd0d1e70

It’d be such a shame if we hung up our suitcases the second we became parents; why can’t children come along for the ride and get bitten by the wanderlust bug early on, asks Susie Verrill

How to be a confident mum

Ed557e1b 4051 4ffe 9277 ea9ddf87f1d7 Hacks & How to Fedccaf5 8212 4e9a 8886 9e228648cc83

Amy Ransom gives a set of three rules she wishes she had followed from the word go...

Arghh! My baby's starting nursery

Ed557e1b 4051 4ffe 9277 ea9ddf87f1d7 Half a day 6fea109a 0edf 4291 bc18 3d25f62d5c2a

Starting nursery is a major milestone. Whether you're returning to work after maternity leave or your child's starting a bit later, aged 2 or 3, you'll want to be as prepared as you can be and avoid having a nervous breakdown in the process. Here are three tips from someone who's done it three times and been at nursery for approximately 133 years. By Amy Ransom

Seven easy ways to entertain your toddler while your newborn’s attached to you

Ed557e1b 4051 4ffe 9277 ea9ddf87f1d7 Hacks & How to 250ff336 bbea 4089 a0f1 af40cdfbef81

Remember when your precious firstborn was the centre of your universe? Something’s come between you, but here’s how to keep them happy. By Isabel Mohan

What halloween means according to the age of your child

9fc3a17e 5c45 4396 8f71 9d7ad6974dcb You 6e993b70 6f6c 4e70 9202 21d8d0d8bbb6

October 31st used to be about dressing inappropriately and getting drunk – but when you become a parent, Halloween comes with a whole new set of rules and expectations, says Isabel Mohan.

What you should really keep in your changing bag

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During the third trimester, you’ll waste many hours packing, emptying and re-packing your shiny new changing bag. Nappies, wipes, nappy bags, nipple pads and a change of clothes for baby are pretty obvious, but what else could you find yourself needing the first time you dare to leave the house, asks Isabel Mohan.

How to find your mum mojo

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Babies turn our brains to mush (geddit?) We are unable to focus on anything but babies for a really long time. And that's ok. Find peace with that and wait for the renaissance, says Amy Ransom...

Ways our bodies are better post baby

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We’ve all looked in the mirror and wondered what on earth happened to the figure we had before we became someone’s mummy and BOY do we give ourselves a hard time. Fad diets, busting our mama guts in countless exercise classes, creams for the stubborn cellulite… why are we so keen to blitz the proof we’ve housed a human? Here’s a few ways our ‘now’ bodies beat our ‘then’ counterparts. By Susie Verrill.

Ten ways to indulge yourself in the first six weeks (because rules no longer apply)

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The first six weeks of your baby’s life are pretty disorienting. Simultaneously wondrous, impossible, exhausting, exhilarating, baffling and, let’s face it, a bit icky, those early weeks are spent in a twilight world where night is day, you think nothing of receiving guests in your PJs and wheeling a pram to the shops feels like a huge accomplishment (because it is). Lizzie Catt gives us the top 10 things you should be doing.

How to take their ipad in 5 fuss-free ways

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Caroline Thain tells us how to reduce the drama and make it calmer...

Teething: frequently asked questions (especially at 4.13am)

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Are amber beads total woo? Why does he suddenly have green poo? When will this hell end? Isabel Mohan investigates.

Why it's a good thing that your baby won't sleep

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Rebecca Cox tells us how to answer to all the smug mums whose babies have been sleeping through the night since 6 weeks in (SO happy for them).

5 ways to entertain your baby and toddler in one go

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Louisa Pritchard brings us her top five tips of things that you, your baby, and your toddler will enjoy. You never know, you might even get to finish a cup of tea...

Tidy house tips for manic mums

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Such small people create such big mess. Sarah Cawood explains how to stay sane...

mush made more brilliant (the insider's guide to making the most of mush)

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It's as easy as one, two, three. Keep reading on....

Mum stylin': how to size up mates in the playground

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Having been vaguely parenting for two years now, Anna Whitehouse of MotherPukka noticed a few trends pop up in playgrounds and soft play receptacles. From the trusty Breton stripe to a slick of red lipstick, here’s motherhood style decoded

How to like your other half (again)

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Having a baby’s hard and often more likely to make couples drift apart than come together. But it IS normal and it does get better. In the meantime, Amy Ransom brings you a few things to help you through the darker days.

Four-ingredient lunches for the sleep deprived

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Stop eating cereal for every meal with these five appetising lunch-time hacks, by Katie Bryson

How to get your non-parent friends involved with your little ones

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Susie Verrill tells you how to reconnect with friends who don't (yet) do children

Sensory? Massage? Baby bounce? Classes to bother with, and when

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When you finally feel ready to leave the house on a regular basis, the options can be overwhelming, describes Isabel Mohan

How to make money during nap time

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First, a caveat: nap time. While some of you may be lucky enough to have babies who sleep in the day, I’m also aware that there are just as many mothers thinking, ‘nap time? LOL. I’d be lucky enough to get five minutes to go to the loo, let alone set up the next Starbucks’. And I count myself in the latter group, says Lisa Williams.

Five sure-fire ways to make your baby giggle

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Mummy’s hilarious – who knew? by Lizzie Catt

The eight baby “must-haves” you’ll never use (and what you should really be buying instead)

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You’re impatient, bored and vulnerable, an advertiser’s dream. But you don’t actually need to buy everything before they’ve even been born… By Isabel Mohan

How to decipher your toddler's vocabulary

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What a joyous, proud moment it is when your toddler starts to talk. Did I say joyous? I meant slightly confusing. Frustrating. As you desperately try to figure out what your toddler is trying to tell you. Before they self-combust into one massive meltdown. Amy Ransom gives a quick guide.

How to be a retro parent: sherbet dib-dabs included

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Give your child an education in how you grew up. Louisa Pritchard takes us down memory lane, reminding us of all the good stuff...

How to deal with toddler tantrums

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Toddler tantrums don't get any more bearable or manageable. In fact, the more kids you have, the more hideous they become because, well, you're more than a little bit bored of this irrational stage of childhood. Amy Ransom gives us a few ways to deal with them quickly and efficiently.

8 things I would tell my pre-birth self

Ed557e1b 4051 4ffe 9277 ea9ddf87f1d7 Babies 19f1cbed 8111 4ef7 87a9 bb89db5848b5

Cat Neilan is 12 weeks into her first baby, and shares with us the things she would have liked to have known before the baby had come...

How to improvise baby food when you're caught on the hoof

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In the main, restaurants aren't set up for mums and bubs. Lizzie Catt brings us the disorganised mum’s cheat sheet for eating out...

What to do if you're feeling blue

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The baby blues are a normal part of having a baby for many, if not most, women. They usually arrive on day three after giving birth when the post labour endorphins take leave, leaving you in a sobbing mess. They don't usually last more than a few days/couple of weeks. But what if you're still feeling low several weeks in? How do you know the difference between normal baby blues and post natal depression? Amy Ransom gives some insight...

Buggy games: tricks for keeping them occupied on the move

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Your child being strapped into the pram for a (considerable) portion of the day as we go about our tasks is inevitable. Cat Sims gives us some tips on how to keep them entertained.

3 things to tell your toddler when you can’t face another second of Peppa Pig

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How to avoid yet another day of Peppa on a loop… by Heidi Scrimgeour

The baby kit that YOU actually do need

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There are hundreds of lists saying what you need to buy for your baby, and for you and your baby, but what about YOU? Lizzie Catt gives us a list of the less conventional clobber

Things to do in two hours without your baby

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Cat Sims bring us some soft touch ways to feel like you have a had a break from your baby during nap time/ walk time/ anytime. Because the days of mini breaks and meditating on a beach are over, for this year.

How to survive the day when you've had no sleep

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Up all night with your little one? You might be shattered, but it’s 7am and your baby is raring to go. Louisa Pritchard tell us how to make it through to bedtime with your eyes open (and your sanity intact)

How to take your baby on holiday without losing your mind

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From applying for a passport to navigating the airport to picking the best accommodation to maybe, just maybe, having quite a nice time. By Isabel Mohan.

How to survive his business trip

Ed557e1b 4051 4ffe 9277 ea9ddf87f1d7 Kids 7cca463a 9225 4178 b9fd 430f889d83bb

Husband-away-veteran Cat Sims gives some great advice on how to prepare and get through his absence...

Styling the bump

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Cat Sims gives an incredibly witty, LOL account of how to dress when pregnant.

5 things you do differently in your second pregnancy

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Second pregnancy is different, entirely different. Cat Sims gives the lowdown

A very brief guide to more mindful mummying

9fc3a17e 5c45 4396 8f71 9d7ad6974dcb You C86f7fd5 5ff2 4abd b70c 7dea0a3c81d8

Ever wondered how to be mindful? Caroline Thain tells us how to apply it to mummying...

Become a mush champ

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Come join us to spread the mush mission

Become a pelvic floor ninja

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Lizzie Catt gives us five ways to make kegels less dreary

6 ways to prepare yourself for getting induced

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Look, nobody sets out to be induced, explains Isabel Mohan... but don’t let that pessary make you pessimistic.

mush is for mums (not dads yet)

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the mush founders give some colour to the story behind mush, and give their growth plan for mush long-term (and it includes dads!)

5 girl power lessons from the Disney princesses

Ed557e1b 4051 4ffe 9277 ea9ddf87f1d7 30 mins or less 19451319 a683 414a a9d7 00e27da76f04

Gill Siddle shows us how to replace the ‘marry a prince’ narrative with these inspirational themes

How to survive a wedding with a newborn

Ed557e1b 4051 4ffe 9277 ea9ddf87f1d7 Hacks & How to 8522efee dd39 45f9 a366 169b3fe566d5

Rebecca Cox tells us the tips around taking your baby to a wedding (because some people judge you when you say you’d rather leave your 3-month old at home so you can get drunk)

8 not-toys that babies and toddlers will love

Ed557e1b 4051 4ffe 9277 ea9ddf87f1d7 Hacks & How to 74ddfc3a 753b 4cf0 bd02 8588d7fe2884

Cat Sims lists some things to entertain your little one... For those times when all the coloured plastic in the world is not enough.

How to survive hosting a kid's party

Ed557e1b 4051 4ffe 9277 ea9ddf87f1d7 Full day 401ab9cc bcc1 4085 8d48 3b95a6573a28

Amy Ransom shares some sanity-saving guidance when it comes to holding a party for your little one

The hidden toys in your handbag

Ed557e1b 4051 4ffe 9277 ea9ddf87f1d7 Babies 19a8044e 2921 4e97 8e5a 73eed81979bb

Lizzie Catt explains how to dodge a wailfest with the secret toys hiding in your bag

3 games to play with your toddler when you really really need a minute to yourself

30c8361c 0ecd 4137 bbee cd5823d5b9fe Half a day A6b01102 8af1 4048 be0d fdb4d4e7a04a

Your toddler will be amazed at how wholeheartedly you are playing the game of doctors, Heidi Scrimgeour shares how only you will know you’re really just resting your eyes.

How to be queen of soft play

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Lizzie Catt knows how serious playtime is.

Simple Sensory Play Ideas

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Staying at home with your baby on a daily basis can often be fulfilling. Some days you’re both kept busy with new toys, books, the occasional viewing of Mr Tumble and then other days seem to drag; making you feel utterly useless or a failure at stimulating your little professor in the making. There are websites awash with suggestions for occupying slighter older children, but what to do with those who eat anything put in front of them? Sensory play, that’s what! And here’s some cheap and cheerful ways to do it. By Susie Verrill.

How to rock being a new mum

Ed557e1b 4051 4ffe 9277 ea9ddf87f1d7 Babies 19b29771 0fb5 4178 9e84 93e5d0d83118

Having a baby is, erm, scary. Amy Ransom tells us what to expect of yourself in those early months (i.e. not much at all).

How to have fun in the kitchen with kids without a trip to A&E

30c8361c 0ecd 4137 bbee cd5823d5b9fe Crafts & Games 344b8735 2e57 4b62 9a57 e7a9bb0ab5bd

Cooking with children is one of those activities that always seems like such a good idea, but can rapidly descend into culinary armageddon. So before you invite kids into the kitchen, we suggest you read Katie Bryson's survival guide.

Messy play ideas (without the mess!)

9fc3a17e 5c45 4396 8f71 9d7ad6974dcb Sass & Survival Af554493 bd36 4726 9a90 23d393ab55a6

There is nothing guaranteed to bring me out in a cold sweat and have me reaching for the gin quicker than those two innocent little words: Messy Play. (Even writing it down has made my palms sweaty.) Sarah Cawood here to tell you some tricks on how to maintain clean freakishness whilst they have fun.

Really cheap and easy presents you can make

Ed557e1b 4051 4ffe 9277 ea9ddf87f1d7 Half a day E4000b0f bbf6 4c0a b588 fcbc497bf26b

The world has gone home-made bonkers hasn't it? You literally can't move for articles on how to mill your own blimmin' soap, and I have to admit, I'm guilty as charged for leaping on to this particularly crafty band wagon. When my broadcasting career floundered a few years ago, I had to find alternative gifts to give to all the lovely people in my life: thrifty gifts but also ones that still looked like I had taken time and energy to lovingly handcraft them. So far, so Kirstie, but how does a fiscally challenged and time-poor mum manage to do it? Here's the Sarah Cawood guide to cheap but effective home-made gifts to give your nearest and dearest.

5 simple activities kids really enjoy

30c8361c 0ecd 4137 bbee cd5823d5b9fe Crafts & Games A86c3862 31ed 4114 99d5 0fa3b55e11d7

Kids are very easily pleased. Amy Ransom shares a few simple things they love to do.

3 skills parents can transfer from the office to home (and vice versa)

9fc3a17e 5c45 4396 8f71 9d7ad6974dcb Full day 2c91d92a a83e 4a2a 96d7 ce0cc104c260

We know going back to work after having a baby can be a really tough time but you can make it work for you. Cat Sims gives you a list of totally transferable skills that will make you feel like home can benefit from your working self and vice versa.

The mumsition- embracing mum life

9fc3a17e 5c45 4396 8f71 9d7ad6974dcb You B27228a9 9442 4c83 b6c2 8c1580f62b82

Most of us are in denial before baby arrives about how life will change. Susie Verrill paints the picture of pre and post children, and comes to the conclusion that we need to embrace the mum life

How to get dressed when you’re a new mum

Ed557e1b 4051 4ffe 9277 ea9ddf87f1d7 Babies 9eab2d64 a354 449b bf60 ba15a516ca6a

Wondering how to accomplish basic daily tasks - such as getting dressed - with a baby in tow? Heidi Scrimgeour brings you a step-by-step guide

Achievable birthday cake ideas

Ed557e1b 4051 4ffe 9277 ea9ddf87f1d7 Half a day 5003e1d6 00d8 4325 b7e5 61a4d7b606af

It’s usually the most stressful baking project of the year, but Katie Bryson gives us three ideas that have a low effort to high glory ratio

How to survive potentially raucous playdates

Ed557e1b 4051 4ffe 9277 ea9ddf87f1d7 Toddlers 08755afd 49f6 4617 822a 0eb28e5d4d81

Katie Bryson shares 5 games that won’t wreck the house or shred your nerves

10 rhyming reads they'll love

Ed557e1b 4051 4ffe 9277 ea9ddf87f1d7 Hacks & How to 4a957789 9ce2 46cd 931f 757e3fc0b966

Do not underestimate the power of a rhyme when it comes to getting your little ones into books. Caroline Thain gives her favourites.

How to not be a mum for an afternoon

9fc3a17e 5c45 4396 8f71 9d7ad6974dcb Sass & Survival 381a8592 0511 4ba4 a374 a3aaa623fda0

Gill Siddle brings you 5 simple ways to claim a bit of you-time...

Chocolate treats of 100 calories or fewer

9fc3a17e 5c45 4396 8f71 9d7ad6974dcb 30 mins or less 6f769a5d d02f 4ba3 9a02 0ca2da87c1c4

We want chocolate. Always. But without breaking the bank (calorie-wise), Caroline Thain spills the Smarties on what doesn't really count...

Get out of the house!

8f097a60 b3f6 4c0b a384 83c3f5030fb4 Full day 2f83f9e7 5a10 4006 bf2e 40396ef4a1fe

Climbing the walls but got no place to go? Lizzie Catt has ideas

5 ways to get a toddler who won't eat anything to eat something

Ed557e1b 4051 4ffe 9277 ea9ddf87f1d7 Hacks & How to A1e18e5a 3d1d 4c16 9669 d3b4522c9488

We've all been there. The toddler who refuses. everything. point. blank. Cat Sims gives us 5 ways to coerce them into consuming.

The ultimate guide to making mum friends

Ed557e1b 4051 4ffe 9277 ea9ddf87f1d7 Hacks & How to E6f41752 f640 4765 bac0 93dd5e027334

Lizzie Catt shares her mum chat-up lines, because every mum needs her mum squad...

6 easy ways to spice up your life

9fc3a17e 5c45 4396 8f71 9d7ad6974dcb Babies 51e251ab c622 4571 bc6c f664b28b974f

Lizzie Catt has 6 tips to make sure you don't die of boredom

5 kid-friendly recipes featuring tortilla wraps

Ed557e1b 4051 4ffe 9277 ea9ddf87f1d7 30 mins or less 5f0038de 518f 4da2 9383 4078de66d037

Corner cutting? You betcha! Katie Bryson shows us how wrap-based recipes are your time-saving friends

Hospital bag hacks

Ed557e1b 4051 4ffe 9277 ea9ddf87f1d7 Hacks & How to 34eaad14 a2cf 4266 8465 d9ce5d2703c3

Lizzie Catt explains what 10 things you REALLY need to make a hospital birth so much better

The 6 step guide to CBeebies birthday card victory

30c8361c 0ecd 4137 bbee cd5823d5b9fe Half a day 63c13710 c7dd 475f 8445 dd2bb75b3782

Lizzie Catt has the tips to make sure your card bags a spot on the birthday slot

Do London with a buggy like a boss

8f097a60 b3f6 4c0b a384 83c3f5030fb4 Outings & Jaunts F8d49cdb 647d 458f 9c19 1eb20d56a876

Find the step free, baby-friendly city on your doorstep (and avoid sobbing at the bottom of the escalator at Holborn tube) by Lizzie Catt

11 of the best perk me ups for mums

9fc3a17e 5c45 4396 8f71 9d7ad6974dcb Half a day 7c75071d b819 40f0 9747 ff7f71d47cb1

It doesn’t take much to turn a good day bad when you’re knee deep in motherhood, it can all very, very easily go wrong. But, and this is important, it CAN work the other way too. Here are some easy peasy ways to turn your day in to a great one and give you a boost. Happy mum = happy baby. By Susie Verrill

Easy meals and snacks to make one-handed while carrying baby

Ed557e1b 4051 4ffe 9277 ea9ddf87f1d7 Babies B6318979 98ae 4205 a2ee 5a6aa99937f3

I don’t know about anyone else but I own a part baby, part limpet and it renders at least one arm/hand/hip utterly useless for the majority of the day. Chores which once took three minutes now take twenty three and impeccable balance; and if my other half’s not around going to the toilet’s something I just put off all together until we hit Operation Must-Go. With this in mind here’s Susie Verrill's tried and tested, quick and easy meal suggestions for when rustling up a roast isn’t on the cards. Enjoy!

Why parenting is just like owning puppies (sort of)

8f097a60 b3f6 4c0b a384 83c3f5030fb4 Kids Ec788085 8244 4af6 9739 43ffcfb7dc86

Heidi Scrimgeour on how the ’11 o’clock’ rule (aka daily walkies) kept her sane when her sons were small

How to make friends with mums at playgroup

Ed557e1b 4051 4ffe 9277 ea9ddf87f1d7 Hacks & How to Ac1be063 af2a 417c a1ae c2ed7dcdd548

Yes, we know the very notion makes you cringe. But you’ll thank Heidi Scrimgeour for this advice.

How to survive a trip to the Natural History Museum

Ed557e1b 4051 4ffe 9277 ea9ddf87f1d7 Hacks & How to 53b24800 85a6 4aaa 9d82 866f132d1437

There are some key bits of advice to consider before taking on a 'big outing' with kids. Caroline Thain tells us what she knows...

Our top 5 apps for under 5s

30c8361c 0ecd 4137 bbee cd5823d5b9fe 30 mins or less 3a2e9d00 9da8 4664 bca4 8196c9926c5b

Gill Siddle brings us some brilliant apps that combine fun and learning

The lazy girl’s guide to breastfeeding bliss

9fc3a17e 5c45 4396 8f71 9d7ad6974dcb Sass & Survival 8c728c1c edc0 4ca0 afed e9b204d53785

Looking after a baby is tiring and breastfeeding should be the ideal time to sit down, munch some treats and get stuck into a box set. But all too often, you’ll find yourself trapped under a hungry little one for hours, gasping for a cup of tea with the remote juuuust out of reach. Don’t be that girl, says Lizzie Catt.