7 ways you can use the new Mush Hub

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New feature alert! Being a Mush mum just got even more social - here's how to make the most of our new hub. 

One of the biggest changes that happens when you become a mum is not the fact that you have ejected an actual human out of your body (about that though: bit weird, eh?), but your transformation into a fully-fledged daytime person, who’s suddenly immersed in their local community.

Doctors surgeries, parks, coffee shops, and all those other places you used to avoid because they were full of bloody kids, are suddenly the centre of your existence. But, if your area was previously just somewhere you passed through on your way to work, only occasionally frequenting local pubs when you couldn’t be bothered to venture further, this can come as a bit of a shock. You want – need – to do mum stuff and you want – need – to talk to other mums, but finding your new hang-outs and getting recommendations can be a challenge.

If you’re already signed up to the Mush app, you know we've got the talking part covered. But we’ve now launched the Mush Hub too, so that our rapidly growing network of mums can share local knowledge and ask questions to make their experience of motherhood as social and stress-free as possible.

Here are a few ways you could use the new feature...

1. Know a great local hairdressers where you can take your baby while you get your fringe trimmed AND they’ll be entertained with Peppa DVDs? Tell the Mush Hub.

2. Need a tip for a cranial osteopath you can get to on foot, because your baby is three weeks old and you’ve heard it could help with the dreaded colic? Ask other mums on the Mush Hub.

3. Got a Bumbo to sell because what’s the point of a fricking Bumbo anyway? List it on the Mush Hub.

4. Met a great local beauty therapist who’ll come and paint your toes at home while you’re trapped under a baby? Tell the Mush Hub – and invite your new mum mates over to get pampered too.  

5. Want to tell other mums that the ducklings have just hatched at the park down the road and they amused your toddler for 12 whole minutes? Share the knowledge on the Mush Hub.

6. Found a brilliant new coffee shop with comfy sofas and free hot drinks for breastfeeding mums? Share the knowledge in the Mush Hub.

7. Heading to a sensory class but feeling a bit icky about not knowing anyone because even the most confident women can develop social anxiety when hormones and sleep deprivation are ruling their bodies? Let other mums know on the Mush Hub, and you might find a friendly face when you get there.

Basically: this is your new local noticeboard, and we need you to make it great. The best local info comes not from listings websites, but from other mums in the same boat as you. You can find the Mush Hub on the bottom left of your home screen – get sharing.