Tidy house tips for manic mums

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Such small people create such big mess. Sarah Cawood explains how to stay sane...

Kids, eh? Who'd 'av em? Well quite a lot us by all accounts. They come along and they just TURN YOUR WORLD UPSIDE DOWN. In every way: both metaphorically and literally.

Just before my first baby came along, I remember worrying about everything. Of course mainly the big stuff: how would I get him out of me? Would he sleep? Would I be able to breastfeed? But I also sweated the small stuff. Mainly: how am I going to cope with the MESS?

Urgh, the mess. I am from the slightly OCD, Monica from Friends school of tidiness and I knew it was going to be a challenge keeping things like I wanted them once I had baby crap lying everywhere. Somehow, against every single odd, I have found a way for my house to not look like it's been burgled (most of the time). So for the more uptight Mushies amongst you, here are my Tidy Tips.

I sound like a right prissy pants don't I? Just in case you think I actually manage to keep the house tidy, please, do enjoy the photo of Hunter in his playroom recently. Taken just before mummy drank gin;). 


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