mush made more brilliant (the insider's guide to making the most of mush)

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Mush is just five months old. We are making improvements and updates weekly (make sure your app is up to date!) and addressing all of your brilliant feedback. Here's all you need to know about using mush.

1. Get your profile looking proper

If you are reading this, then you mastered the basics. You signed in, deliberated over your tags (keep new tag suggestions coming!) and input your location, kids’ ages, age (only if you wanted to!) and your work/mummy sitch.

You can edit your profile at any point. Hit the menu button on the top left of the home screen. Go into your profile and press edit. Change the about me to give a conversation starter for other mums. Tell them when you are free, give more details about what area you live in (for safety reasons we only give other mums the distance you are from them, not your location) and tell them a random fact. Whatever you like! Feedback has been that the more you add the better.

2. Hit that 'say hi...' button

OK, we know it seems a bit daunting, but once you realise we're all here for the same reason and we all want more mum friends, it's really rather fun. Don't wait for people to find you... we are developing a way to let current users know of newbies to mush who they might like, but most of the 'veteran' users will now not check their mush matcher page- so it's up to you!

After you hit 'say hi...' then another screen appears so you can tick the box or boxes of what you have in common and add a little personal message. e.g. You are obviously nearby and our kids are similar ages/ you're free fridays/ you love baking/ you like swearing so we should meet up and swearily bake cake together.

3. Message and Meet-up

The point of this app is to get out there in the fresh air and have fun with other mums.

If you are feeling a little stuck at home (we all know how hard it is to plan ahead with small kids), go to your connections page and see who's 'free to play' right now. We show all mums who have recently used the app as free to play so be sure to open the app each time you are at a loose end if you want to be available to other mums! (equally you can set yourself as not free to play from the top right of the home page)

To create a meet-up you can use our handy tool to set a location and time and send invitations. We've heard about mums organising trips to museums, buggy fit classes and antenatal yoga. There has even been a 20-strong team of mums with newborns picnicking in the sunshine (where was our invite?!) 

Finally, keep browsing our guides (just like you are now!). You can even filter them to make them relevant to you and your stage. Our articles are written by award-winning writers, just for mush. Their express purpose: to give you witty, practical and honest tips and tricks on being a mum.

Coming soon to mush:

Local mum groups according to your interests, local events guide and improved profile searches. Our algorithm is gettting a whole load better... Watch this space. Or contact us on to suggest other things you want to see!