The guide to smug parenting

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You know the ones; the parents on social media who appear to have showered recently, with well-turned out children, a house that wouldn’t look out of place in a Nordic catalogue, who travel without breaking a sweat. THAT family. Susie Verrill shares a few ways you can make things easier for yourself and rock the smug parenting vibe; (not EVERY day though or people will start unfollowing you on Facebook)

You don’t need to put loads of thought in to it; just take a trip to your wardrobe before falling in to bed and pick what you think you might fancy wearing in the morning. It might mean you’re not yanking stuff out the laundry basket and Febreezing before the school run. 

Lists lists lists. You’re giving yourself focus for the day AND if you cheat by writing things down which you’ve already done/will definitely do then that’s totally allowed. 

No dried on food in nooks and crannies. You’ll be chuffed each and every time you go to put your baby back in it. 

A great way to play it is pretend you’re on a gameshow (bear with me) and the clock’s ticking down; do as much as you can super, super fast and then forget about it. You can get a LOT of Duplo picked up in three minutes. 

Turn some smug shopping in to some smug healthy lifestyle choices and grab yourself nuts, dried fruit, smoothies etc to nibble on rather than double chocolate chip cookies. Although YES, they’re tasty.

No lukewarm disasters for you. 

So you don’t have to cart your children around a supermarket while they cry outwardly and you cry inwardly. 


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