How to get your non-parent friends involved with your little ones

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Susie Verrill tells you how to reconnect with friends who don't (yet) do children

Do you remember your life pre-children? Probably not, you were probably drunk. But anyway; I bet if an acquaintance had brought along their baby, or a co-worker visited the office with their little one, you did an ‘awww’ and thought nothing of it. Maybe you actually enjoyed having them around. Why is it then, that when it comes to including our babies in the lives of our closest friends we sometimes really worry we’re being a burden? I’m lucky enough to have some of the best non-parent people around me but I’d be lost if I felt like they weren’t so keen to hang out now I’ve got a mini human to look after. If you’re feeling a little disconnected, here’s some ways you can actively encourage creating a relationship between some of the most important people in your life.


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