How to take the train alone with a baby/ toddler and survive

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Maternity leave/ having a small child is actually a really brilliant time to see the area around you and go on adventures. And a train is exciting as it gets for them, So don't be shy; Susie Verrill gives some tips on travelling.

I don’t drive, I have to plump for public transport, but so often I’m told by other mums that they still haven’t ‘plucked up the courage’ to try it alone. And it’s such a shame! Because, honestly… it’s so easy. It’s easy once you know how and it’s easy once you stop worrying that you’re really, really annoying everyone around you. Here’s some ways in which you can get from A to B without losing your cool...

You will get in the way and it will make you feel dithery and anxious, but try to remember you have as much right to travel as anyone else PLUS you’re being a total bad-ass. Look at you! Travelling alone, getting things done and being sassy. You’re the independent women Destiny’s Child sang about. Screw the other folk; they just need to sit and make sure they haven’t lost their ticket.

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